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About Westlake Films

Westlake Films are a group of old friends, making films because we enjoy the creative process. We do not charge for any of our downloads; we certainly do not make a profit. That is not what we are about - we are not a business. We have been making films since 1995, and we will continue doing so in the same manner.

As such, the films on this site reflect our love of film making. They are not always of the highest quality, but some have won awards; all are made with the care and love only a not-for-profit hobby can understand. Introduce the profit element to that, and we lose something special. That is, we feel, reward enough for what is, after all, a passion; a love. We would not want to taint that; we certainly wouldn't trade it for a pot of gold and the promise of publicity.

Our roots are in Doctor Who fandom because it was that show which sparked the early love and passion of film making. Today, we make films which go beyond Doctor Who fan films, but we never forget our roots; we never forget our history. And this is a history we are proud of, not ashamed.

We do not claim to be better than other film makers (that is not our aim), but the films we make are made for love. Without the labour of love we strive to put in to every film, what would we be?

We hope that visitors to this site will appreciate this ethos, and enjoy the films for the same reason as we make them - for enjoyment.

The Westlake Team!

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