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K9 and Bloke
by Gareth Preston

Join the adventure with crime fighting (and occasional crime committing) partners Dave Smalls and his trusty robot dog K9! Dark times have fallen for the duo. Burger World has closed down, so has Mississippi Chicken. In fact all Dave's favourite takeaways and fast food joints have vanished from the streets without explanation. In desperation Dave has taken to eating his dinner at the local theme pub where the food is healthy and organic and where they don't even serve crisps!

Can Dave and K9 crack the sinister forces driving all the best places to eat out of business, or will Dave face a bleak future of salad sandwiches and calorie controlled hummus?

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The Alliance IV: The Battle for Venus!
Written by Andrew S Crines, Edited by Kevin Hiley

There are dark places on the internet where the words 'The Alliance' are uttered in hushed tones...

That is because, back in ye olde days of youth, one of our least known early films was an overambitious, underacted space-drama. Well, for Christmas 2012 we made a short film to show just how far we've come, but never forgetting where we've come from! We hope you enjoy it!

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The Matrix: There Is No Spoon!
featuring Jonathan Miles
Edited by Kevin Hiley

Were you still watching The Matrix films by the end?

Have you ever wondered what happened next after that "eh, what?" ending to Revolutions?

This film explores the possibilities of what could have happened next in the Matrix universe. A British take on events from the mind-blowing (or frustrating) second and third films in the series.

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The Pertwee Diploma
featuring Jonathan Miles
Edited by Kevin Hiley

Join the tomfoolery in this irreverent homage to the classic Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

In a top secret academy, smartly dressed students are initiated into the arcane ways of the Pertwee by the mysterious and ever watchful Dr John Smith. Lessons include blowing up chemistry labs, tackling alien monsters with extra terrestrial martial arts, hypnotizing foes, facing your worst fears and of course, wine and cheese parties.

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Dr. Qui
by Bill Bailey, Video edited by John & Amy Isles

The Doctor has travelled through time and space on our screens since 1963.

Who could forget the haunting, timeless, eerie theme tune? To comedian Bill Bailey it sounds like Belgian Jazz.

John & Amy Isles set out to make a music video to accompany Billís take on the well-known theme. Kept hidden from the world (at a Westlake Christmas party) itís now unleashed upon the world.

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Blind Date
by John & Amy Isles and Gareth Preston

In a galaxy far, far away a beautiful princess must choose between three suitors in this galactic updating of the classic TV gameshow.

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by Kevin Hiley and Tim Reid

The Cybermen launch an attack on an asteroid in the middle of deep space.

Chinon, a member of the construction crew is the sole survivor.

Can Chinon stay alive long enough to discover their purpose? Or even worse avoid Cyber-conversion, a fate worse than deathÖ

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Auton Diaries 2
by Gareth Preston and John Isles with Alistair Lock
Edited by Kevin Hiley

This exciting preview of the forthcoming BBV release is a special feature on the Auton 3 DVD which sees a lonely Doctor Who monster trying to re-gain his credibility!

Join the tragic life of an Auton, who goes from having everything to virtually nothing when his employer wraps up his production days, leaving him penniless.

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Time Distortion
by Kevin Hiley

Not all is as it seems when the Doctor and his companion, William find themselves in a busy city.

The Doctor is chasing strange temporal energy readings from an unknown source.

Lurking in the background, an old enemy of the Doctor's is ready and watching for them to fall into his grasp!

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Star Trek vs Doctor Who
by Kevin Hiley

The two great rival scifi series clash in this
comedy battle to the death!

Best of all you can decide who wins! Star Trek,
or Doctor Who!

Made in 2004, Star Trek Vs Doctor Who has long been one of our most popular films. Now its available in much better quality with a newly mastered widescreen edition.

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Doctor Who Anime - Coming Soon
Animated by Kevin Hiley

The world of Doctor Who and Anime collide - train wreck style!

The Cybermen are probably up to no good, but thats alright, the Doctor's on hand to put it right!

A short spoof made by those who can't get their head around japanese animation!

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The Nemesis of Doom
by Andrew Crines

The Doctor's companion, Warren is sick of him looking like hes stepped out of a Dickensian Convention.

So, he takes him to a clothes shop where the Doctor undergoes a contemporary style change...

Meanwhile, the Doctor's old enemy, the Master is out looking for revenge. But can the Doctor and Warren avoid their nemesis of doom?

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Future Investment
by Kevin Hiley

In 2004, London is a barren wasteland. Nuclear war has brought about the end of civilisation.

The Doctor and his companion, Jon stumble into an alternative present day.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure takes an interest in the wellbeing of an innocent Victorian lady...

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Other fan production groups

We also host a selection of films from fellow video production groups.

Harry I Taylor

Harry I Taylor and the Cavendish Team are Westlake Films through the looking glass! Harry and his team produce some of the more unfortunate Doctor Who fan-films!

Film-makers across fandom will recognise some aspect of themselves in these films. From dodgy camera work, to breaking the fourth wall, and even the horrible SFX Harry I Taylor has them all!

The selection of films revolve around a Doctor Who and Blakes 7, each celebrating the sci-fi themes in Harry's unique way.

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Cheeky Monkey Pictures
Tyranny of the Daleks

The Doctor and his companion, Romana find themsleves on a mysterious planet. However, an arch nemesis of the Doctors is lurking, ready to pounce!

This film stars Adam Manning as the Doctor and Lizzie Whiting as Romana with Gareth Simpson and Alison Manning and is mirrored here with permission of Cheeky Monkey.

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