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Shuttle Saves The World!
Written by John Isles and Kevin Hiley

It's a time of heros, villains, and damsels in distress!

Our hero is presumed dead, with his friend Carol Rogers held captive by the evil Vorkon!

To save the Earth she must face the most terrifying creature in the known universe - the Badmintomata!

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Christmas In Glorious Huddersfield!
Presented by Phillip McKenna

How do the people of Huddersfield celebrate Christmas? What do they do? Why do they do what they do?Well find out now!

Phillip McKenna introduces us to the delights, sights and sounds of this most vibrant of towns as we approach the Christmas season!

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A Man of Words
written by Gareth Preston - edited by Kevin Hiley

"It Was A Dark and Stormy Night"

These words inspired Gareth Preston, one of our authors, to put pen to paper once more about the author who penned those words - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Join Gareth on an enlightening journey through the literary and personal life of one of Dickens mentors in our latest documentary!

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Fabulous Fairytales!
Presented by Jeremy Higgleswicker

A celebration of those enchanting tales from yesteryear are retold by our wonderful storyteller, Jeremy in our growing collection of short stories!

Jeremy takes us on a fantastic voyage through a festive tale about the night before Christmas, as well as a telling of 'The Little Red Hen'. Be at one with your inner child with this beautiful stories...

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Miss Fortune
written by John Isles and Kevin Hiley

In this short film, a man wants to know his future...
so, he turns to a fortune teller.

There, he learns that the future holds many romantic joys, financial prosperity and a seemingly joyful life with all that a person could desire.

...that is, however until fortune has a twist which may prove to be his undoing!

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The First Step
Presented by Carl Bowler

This is retrospective about the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States of America following the second world war.

Here, Carl Bowler takes us on a journey through time, where we can learn the steps taken which brought us to taking the first steps to the Moon and beyond!

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Help Wanted
by Gareth Preston
Music by Peter Wicks

A story told by its pictures but most specifically by the musical score. A music video with a difference!

A Killer is on the loose!

Looking to hide he takes refuge as a handyman at the local parish church. He thinks he is safe, he thinks he has managed to escape justice... But justice may still await him in another form...

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Data Protection
by Kevin Hiley

A Radio Astronomer uncovers something in his research that the world has to hear about. But who is this smartly dressed soft spoken man observing and shadowing his every move, and with the ability to seemingly change time itself at his whim?

A short sci-fi thriller filmed at the world famous Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire.

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Memories of the Mill
by John Isles & Kevin Hiley

Frank Brook worked for Learoyd Brothers, a fine worsted woollen mill in Huddersfield until the 1970s. His Grandson, John Isles wanted to make a record of Frank’s working life to preserve for future generations.

The woollen industry has now passed and Learoyd’s old mill now stands as a retail showroom so John and Frank also take a journey to Queen Street Mill in Burnley, the last steam powered mill in the world, exploring a time now gone by.

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That Friday 13th Feeling
Presented by Gareth Preston

Gareth Preston delivers a fascinating monologue about the famous 1980's teenage horror film, Friday the 13th in this Video Comment.

The film features tributes to some moments from the films revolving around the mysterious Crystal Lake and is a must for any horror fans out there...

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Rise Up
by Kevin Hiley & Andrew Crines

A short film about the plight of a Russian Worker at the hands of his various oppressors!

He longs to be free from the hands of the oppressive Bourgeois, but help seems to be a distant dream But then, hope arrives in the forum of Revolution! The People's Party comes to his aid, who swiftly liberates him from their power.

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Le Dette Des Remords
Par Màtthieu Poste, Josué Fieldenne
et Kevan Hilé, André Crines

Amour. Passion. Désir! Ce sont les choses près du coeur de notre histoire de nation! Our raconte ces émotions humaines et applique elles à la classe et des personnes. L'aristocrate, le philosophe, le paysan.

Tout à la recherche de l'amour et de la liberté vrais du soul! It est la tragédie finale! Une extrémité aigre pour ces désirs tellement normaux de l'OH!

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Tales of the Woodland Ghetto
Joshua Fielden & Kevin Hiley

It is a normal, peaceful day in the Woodland Ghetto. The happy, well-armed creatures of the Ghetto are basking in the summer sun.

That is until word reaches them of an impending attack by a rival gang comprised of Lizards who intend to shoot their peaceful day to pieces.

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Hey Hey We're The Mongols
by John Isles

In 2003 I was attending college and was given a project to make a video diary. I'd seen them over the years on BBC2 as part of the "Video Nation" series.

Find out how to become a Mongol in this fascinating video diary from John Isles, which gives an insight into the behind the scenes goings-on when Westlake Films made historical re-enactments for the History Channel UK.

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Rail Rage
by Kevin Hiley & John Isles

A businessman with a posh watch and a meeting to get to. A Hiker with a thermos and a walkman, both find themselves stranded on a remote deserted railway station and facing a day of cancellations and this is only the start of their problems!

With inspirational shades of the Prisoner and The League of Gentlemen, Rail Rage is a product of far too many a minute spent waiting for a late train! It’s filmed in Cumbria on the spectacular backdrop of the Settle and Carlisle Railway. Nigel Peever and Gareth Preston give excellent performances as the antagonistic pair who through their own stubbornness and bickering prolong their stay on the lonely station!

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Queen of Hearts
by John Isles

The Queen of Hearts is a two minute film accompanying the poem by Christina Rossetti.

This charming tale of one man’s attempt to win against his unbeatable lady friend is accompanied by Alistair Locks’ superb music and was originally filmed as a student project.

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