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About Fineline Productions

Fine Line was originally set up in 1991 by the Sheffield DWAS Local Group. Several like minded members had enjoyed the Audio Visual stories and wanted to have a go at writing and performing their own Doctor Who stories. Over the years these stories have progressed from cassette tapes with photocopied covers, to CDís with inkjet printed jackets, to freely downloadable online podcasts.

Join the Doctor as he continues his voyages to fantastic alien worlds and encounters with extraordinary beings. With an emphasis on originality and as little historical continuity as possible, these are stories designed to appeal to fans of all ages.

Gareth Preston
April 2006

1) - Death Deals A Hand - by Gareth Preston

The dispossessed of London face a new, alien threat. People are vanishing from the streets while a mysterious circle of millionaires are playing a dangerous card game that should not exist. Only the Doctor can solve the mystery and prevent more murders.

2) - Shakedown - Gary Phillips

Insider dealing, murder, shape changers. When the Doctor lands at a far flung mining colony, he is soon arrested and facing a farcical trial. But when an alien war fleet arrives in orbit it's clear that everyone is facing a very hostile take-over indeed.

3) - Present Infinate - by Lawrence Ahlemeyer

A group of archaeologists exploring the ancient Thegarian civilisation are being attacked by a mysterious beast. The TARDIS is invaded by powerful being called Raman. Disparate threads that combine to present the Doctor with a fearful decision that could affect the entire web of time.

4) - Ultimate Soldier - by Paul Phillips

21st century London is horrified by a series of senseless killings perpetuated by teenagers. The Doctor and his new companion join forces with the police to discover the reasons. What they uncover will have profound consequences for the whole world.

5) - Trick of the Light - by Gareth Preston

Something strange is occurring in a quiet coastal town. Serpents swim in the harbour. Talking birds wheel in the sky. Strange figures are stalking the backstreets. Ben Tilvern and his friends want to know what is happening. Whilst on the corner of the high street waits a certain Police Box.

6) - Second Chance - by Adrian Hudson

In the far future, Earth is under attack. Time travelling aliens throw the Doctor and Raman a thousand years apart. The Doctor suffers from strange visions, in a future that should not exist, while Raman must come up with a very dangerous scheme to defeat Earth's invaders.

7) - Final Frame - by Lawrence Ahlemeyer

Psychiatrist Dr Lynn Frewin is confused by her latest patient, a delusional young man who calls himself the Doctor. But the Doctor has his own problems. Where is the TARDIS? Who are the voices in his head? And when did he become human?

8) - Walk About - by Adrian Hudson

A dusty planet in an obscure part of the galaxy has been entertaining a lot of visitors recently. Amongst them is gentleman adventurer Hugh and his new sidekick Jenny.A wheeler-dealer called Axel. Not to mention a time lord and his damaged time-space machine.

9) - Madhouse - by ZoltŠn Dťry

For years, Hammer Manor has been infamous for its atmosphere of evil. The madness of its former owner Sir Lumley has become part of local folklore and the mysterious deaths and disappearences during the seŠnces of 1891 and 1910 have only confirmed the house's haunted reputation.

10) - The Chattath Factor - by Will Hadcroft

An inhuman creature is stalking the English countryside, leaving murder in its wake. The Doctor and Jenny arrive to investigate, but before long the Doctor is fighting for his life in the home of a dangerous scientific radical, whilst Jenny and the local vicar are besieged by creatures driven by the darkest passions.

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