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Conservatives in Coalition Podcasts
Edited by Kevin Hiley

These are a selection of video podcasts made for the Political Studies Association 'Conservatives and Conservatism Specialist Group website.

Each feature a leading academic in a respective field discussing the Coalition Government between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats revolving around key areas.

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A Class of Their Own
by John Isles

What do fans of the 'big three' *really* think of each other? Westlake Films attempts to answer that question.

Three costumed fans wait on a rain-soaked platform for a train that may never arrive.

Watch to find who amongst them has: "Moral superiority?" "Skills to battle Daleks?" "a lightsabre in their pocket?"

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The Bruises of Gareth Preston
Edited by Kevin Hiley & Rebecca Wray

Making films is not always a safe activity - as Gareth Preston is well aware!

This video is a short collection of the bruises inflicted upon Gareth during our long years as film makers. He gets punched, kicked, whipped, hit by sticks, humiliated and tormented all for the love of film-making. So, we pay tribute to Gareth now, and honour his pain for all our pleasures. Thanks, Gareth!

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Scenes to Music
Edited by Kevin Hiley

Beautiful and powerful images of heritage and industry throughout the United Kingdom set to music.

A trio of short films, compiled to showcase a professional library of archive film.

A visual feast for you to enjoy!

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A Westlake Information Film
Edited by Kevin Hiley

Do you ever get tired of those F.A.C.T. trailers at the cinema? You know, the ones telling us how the internet is going to destroy the film industry unless we stop using it?

Here is our tribute!

Download WMV Version - 2.4mb
Download MPEG Version - 5.2mb

Robin Hood
Created by Kevin Hiley

Robin gets news that Maid Marion has been captured by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and taken to the Castle! Quickly, he races to her rescue...

But in the trees of the forest, the Sheriff lays in waiting for his outlaw nemesis to fall into his grasp!

Download WMV Version - 20.8mb
Download MPEG Version - 28.2mb

Christmas with Uncle Gilbert
Created by Kevin Hiley, Josh Fielden and Andrew Scott

At the festive time of year, it is important to know our limits when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. So, join Uncle Gilbert and his nephew as they discover the limits of alcohol!

The results of this experiment may shock you all!

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Hedgehog News Broadcast
with Trevor McFlurry

A killer has broken out of the local park prison and is on the prowl. A nationwide search has not been able to find the criminal, so an emergency broadcast is made to the nation.

This short comedy sketch was made as our entry for the Chairmans Challenge at the Huddersfield Video and Cine Club in 2006. Enjoy!

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The Wedding Photoreel
of John Isles and Amy Tredgett

John Isles and Amy Tredgett were married at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on August 12th 2006. It was a beautiful day and a number of John and Amy's closest friends were able to attend.

By kind permission of the bride and groom, we are able to provide a 'photoreel of images taken by Kevin Hiley, Carl Bowler and Jonathan Miles. We hope you enjoy it!

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Heroic Rescue
with Jonathan Miles

Heroes take many shapes, and in this addition to the Haberdashery, a Hero gets more than he bargained for when he comes to rescue an imprisoned Princess from the hands of a sinister creature...

This short is inspired by the American horror films of the 1930's which featured larger-than-life animals.

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Fabulous Fairytales No. 1
The tales of the Little Red Hen with Jeremly Higgleswicker
Story time! A lovely Red Hen decides to bake some bread. So, she sets about gathering the ingredients in preperation.

Her lovely friends are also on hand to help her out... or are they?

The role of Jeremy Higgleswicker was portrayed by Josh Fielden.

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11mb, Window Media Player

Beauforts Babblings
with Jonathan Miles

Jonathan Miles talks about his early days of producing low-quality Doctor Who audios and how he progressed onto the various roles he has played in amateur films over the years such as Westlakes "Future Investment" and "Nemesis of Doom" as well as his various other roles including the Dynasties series.

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16.6mb, Window Media Player

The Who Project
Edited by Kevin Hiley and John Isles

This is a group films in which Doctor Who Props should beware! This features many of the props in the now closed Llangolen exhibition.

It joins the Haberdashery as our first music film in this section!

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6.42mb, Window Media Player

Conisborough Castle

Watched one too many Holiday Films?

Yes, so have we! So, we present this short film shot entirely on Photographic Digital Camera which takes a side-ways glace at this popular film format...

The voice of the commentary was provided by Kevin Hiley

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2.41mb, Real Player

Presented by Joshua Fielden

Some interesting ideas about improving warfare and the effects it has on civilian populations are just a couple of things tackled in Josh's opening Video Comment.

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3.51mb, Window Media Player

Writers Block and I
by Gareth Preston

How does Gareth manage to write all those scripts for his various audio productions?

How does he dream up the excellent film ideas he has?

Well, find out now!

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4.0mb, Window Media Player

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