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Carl Bowler

Frequently a production assistant for Westlake films. Carl is very interested in nursing and wishes to pursue a career within the National Health Service.

Chris Bowler

Chris is a computer network technician and musician and has been involved in a selection of the films and audios on the site.

Josh Fielden

An enthusiastic part of the team, Josh has been in many of our films playing a variety of characters. Josh is also training to direct to increase his range of production abilities.

Kevin Hiley

A professional designer for many mainstream television programmes, who has designed graphics for various Fred Dibnah series’ as well as the Dynasties series on the history channel.

Lisa Hiley

The brain behind Westlake Films’ costumes, who has spent many hours making costumes for various historical periods including British Victorian, Medieval Incas, Medieval British and Renaissance.

John Isles

John has had an interest in making films from an early age (he watched a lot of TV in his childhood). He has starred in a number of our films as well as directing and producing several.

Amy Isles

Amy is an excellent make up artist who is a recent addition to our team. She enjoys watching the new series of Doctor Who and reading fantasy novels.

Jonathan Miles

Jonathan is a journalist, and has a longstanding love of Doctor Who, which led him into acting in amateur films such as Future Investment; Jonathan has an interest in history and politics.

Nigel Peever

A professional actor, who has worked with both the BBC and ITV. He also acts in the theatre and has made his own award winning films for Stoke Video and Cine Society.

Matt Post

A student of computer sciences with a keen interest in photography and graphic design. He also like listening to the Rock Music and reading Tad Williams novels.

Gareth Preston

Gareth is the producer of many of the fine audios available on this site. He has also written and appeared in a great number of our films! He also has a keen interest in theatre and cult television.

Tim Reid

Tim starred as the superb Vicar in Help Wanted. He also directed our recently released and extremely popular fan-film, Deconstruction. Tims interest include the Acoustic Guitar, Doctor Who and Web Design.

Owen Spratley

Owen has a great deal of experience and knowledge about Audio Production which he puts into his Once in a Blue Moon website. He has written some of the programming used on the Message Board and the Website.

Peter Wicks

Peter supplied much of the musical score for our productions. His interests include music and acting and chasing llamas around the Isle of Man.

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